December 06, 2012

Pablo Came and Went

when we got wind of the news that a strong typhoon (stronger than Sendong) was coming, everyone back home got ready for another lashing from mother nature.


the weather bureau has labelled it as the strongest typhoon to hit Mindanao in two decades. and with the traumatic experience of Sendong from the previous year still very much alive in people's minds, there was intensified info dissemination and LGU campaign to prepare Iliganons for a possible calamity. the power and electric company has advised for everyone to charge all devices that may be needed as it will be shutting down electricity once the storm sets in. there was an enforced mandatory evacuation for those who are in high risk zones. and almost everyone (even those not physically there) were monitoring the news channels and internet updates on the storm. because there was a sudden change in direction and speed of the typhoon, destruction was lessened. still, there were casualties in areas rattled by pablo. Purok 9A across us was again deep in water and houses in Orchids Village were submerged/flooded up to the windows. in surigao/ compostela valley, landslides happened. deaths occurred. some people's lives will be scarred. but with the typical resilience that Filipinos are known for, we can make a move forward once again.

we worried over here in manila because we could't call home in the early hours of tuesday morning, the predicted timing for pablo to enter davao area of responsibility. telephone lines were cut and the various networks were down as well. but my brother was posting updates on his plurk (via mom's so we got pacified. finally i was able to place a long distance call home and talked to mommy. in the evening, daddy called also and told us he could not contacted because he was conserving energy so he switched off his phone to open only when necessary.

now the sun's come out. the storm has passed. will need to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding homes. but most importantly, another opportunity has been given to build up lives, making it stronger than before.  life has got to be celebrated!

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