January 08, 2009

2009 na

bagong taon, panibagong hamon...

it's been 4 months since i first set foot in dubai- this land of gold.

to me, i saw it as a land of opportunity. like so many of my kababayans, i have finally given in to the dire need of pag-asenso sa buhay.

But this chapter in my life's journey is just getting started.

Little had I known that all those little travails that I've taken during my childhood and all through my growing up will have shaped me into what I am now.

I bear the scars of all the wounds I've sustained growing up, both physically and emotionally. Each scar is a living memory of the adventures I've had as a child. Each scar is associated to a place, or a face or a happening. And I can say I have so many happy memories growing up. Happy with a lot of adventures and a lot of falls and kneescrapes along the way.

These days, I am at it again. Taking part in the game of life- taking risks, falling, picking myself up, enduring the scrapes, nursing the wounds, holding on. I feel blessed to have family and friends to support and encourage me every time I feel down. And I am grateful I have the Lord to carry me through all of these falls. It's another year to spend in pursuit of my dreams. Another year to journey on.

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