December 31, 2008

The Year That Was

2008 has been a very eventful year for me.

A lot has happened. A lot of decisions have been made. There's been quite a number of changes happening all at once.

Deciding to leave a very comfortable life back home and venture into the unknown has been the biggest risk I took in my life. But I had to do it. It's in one of my TO DO LIST before I turn 40. Oh well, it is a fact. Undeniably, I am not getting any younger. I had to do it now while I still can rather than wonder for the rest of my life about the what could have been's.

Along with the decision to leave my work and my country was the thought that I may not have the same kind of life that I have been used to back home. So I have to prepare myself for such eventuality. And I may not get the same kind of job, or the same pay. So many things are so uncertain, what with the global crisis and all. But just the same, I decided to take a chance. I thought: It's a good thing I have relatives whom I will be staying with. It'll at least make the transition a little bit easier. And they have indeed helped me out anyway they can - financially, emotionally, spiritually. They are there making me laugh, accompanying me on walks, in going to church, and just bringing me along for gala. And best of all, they lend me money when I'm short on cash (which happens pretty often these days, believe me).

It's so comforting to have people to run to. Beyond the physical hardship, emotional strain of separation and psychological worries of what tomorrow may bring, there's only so much that one can take. Sometimes, my body wants to give up because my heart just couldn't take things in anymore. That's why it is really so important that not only the body and mind be ready, the human spirit should also be prepared.

Every choice we make in life is coupled with consequences. I am learning to live with this lesson everyday. Sometimes, we make good choices with good consequences. At other times, we make bad choices wherefore we learn to deal with the consequences and do our very best to try to find ways to make them better.

Eversince I arrived here in DXB, I have been trying to adjust to a very different world. I have learned to condition myself to be more thrifty and more practical with the things that I buy or pay for. I have to constantly remind myself to exercise caution with my finances. For surely, times are hard. But by the grace of God and the help of family and friends, this journey hopefully will only serve to strengthen this human spirit.

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