December 21, 2010

Gift Wrapping

woke up late yesterday.

slept late the night before as i had to wrap some gifts for our exchange of gifts at the office and here at the flat.

was happy though because i was able to buy some items at duty free for a discount (it's DDF's anniversary sale and airport staff get a 25% off ). imagine me doing the happy dance all the way home. ",)

have bought all my wrapping paraphernalia days in advance so i just went ahead and started wrapping my presents. now i've got some names ticked off my list.

the wrappings though is not as important as the thought that someone remembered you on this joyous season. truthfully, i don't want to be caught up in the fever of frenzy for gift-shopping. but since i had some time these past weeks, i just slowly scoured for bargains really. for me personally, it's not the wrapping but the gift and the gesture of giving even the simplest thing. and it need not be material. a warm hug or greeting, a smile, a handshake, a helping hand - they're a God-send. at times, a quiet gesture can be louder than a shout and can really warm the heart.


Pearl said...

Merry Christmas Abby! xo

Glo said...

hello Abby,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year sayo.

Glo and Raine

A. B. said...

Merry christmas and a blessed new year to you pearl and glo!