December 09, 2010

Standing in Line

woke up early to hear mass at St. Mary's Church. today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary. i went for the 6:45am mass so that i can come early for the Emirates ID in nearby Karama. but alas, when i got there at a quarter to eight, the line has been cut for the typing. we were told to come back in the afternoon or else at 7am again the next day.

some went home. but there were a number of us who remained. it's not as if it's so easy to absent yourself from work and request your passport from the office. we have to meet deadlines as well. and to add to that, the E-ID has changed the process. we have to come back again at a set date for the photo, eye scanning and finger printing. waited several hours before my turn came. thankfully i was back home by 2pm. tired and very hungry.

wish it will be easier for the next step.

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