December 09, 2010

Holiday Shopping

i was so pooped yesterday.

just finished my workweek and really looking forward to 2 days off. but since i already had plans for today, i managed to wake up yesterday just in time to do some christmas shopping. went from one mall to another, browsing through SALE items as we had pegged the price for our office exchange of gifts and i wanted to make one good buy ( i think i did, ). also bought a couple of sweaters for my night walks, a few socks (loved the colors!), Liz bag (again), and some items from Woolworths (i got a 50Dhs coupon when i purchased mom's laptop). then, went to Reef Mall for some home items that i've been long wanting to buy. Lifestyle is one good place to shop for gifts. finally stopped at Home Centre and bought a couple of baking pans to get me all set for my baking plans.

i was literally dragging my feet by the time i was coming home at 9pm, both arms laden with shopping bags. i think i may have looked like a christmas tree (as what roommie tikz would call me back in the days). one kabayan who was walking behind me even offered to give me a hand with my loot. ".) but i managed all right.


anSeL said...

uy, sarap mgshopping kahit nakakapagod.
sige ate abby karerin mo ang pagbabake.

A. B. said...

aynaku sel, kahit kakapagod, uber enjoy ako magshopping, or kahit mag-window shop nga lang.

teka, bigyan mo ako ng recipe mo for crinkles, d ba? ", (batting eyelashes)

pls.. pamasko mo na lang sa akin. hehe.

Pearl said...

the shopaholic abby! mwaahhh