March 23, 2012

Kitakits Na Naman

Met meanne and lexa again yesterday. Av set a meetup at her place as lexa requested to see me before going to dumaguete this morning. Since thea and her bro and sis-in-law were staying at a hotel near av’s place, we thought of going to dampa and feast on seafood. At around 6pm, av called to say she was yet to get off work, meanne would still be leaving from malvar, batangas and kwini cannot leave before 8pm. With everyone coming late, we decided to just buy stuff and cook at av’s store. Camille, av’s niece, was also there. But alas, kwin was not able to come. missed you there kwin!

So off we went to check out the seafood galore in the seafood market along Macapagal avenue. We had good fun ogling the seafood fare on display. I must admit there were some creatures i did not recognize so I had to ask. Av is really good at haggling. Thea was amazed how we saved a hundred bucks for a kilo of shrimps. We ordered for the sinigang and baked tahong to be cooked at Cuzina restaurant already while we went around the shops some more. We met groups of Koreans on our way to the fruit stalls. Imagine our surprise to see even more Koreans sampling the various fruits on display. Indeed there's a lot of them here in our country appreciating our culture and our way of life, what with the very low cost of living here compared to their own country. Of course they can afford to feast on seafood anytime.

After waiting for our orders to be cooked, we went back to Av's place and had the crabs and shrimps cooked. We had hinilabos na alimango, buttered shrimp, baked tahong at sinigang na panga (ng maya-maya), all with green mango ensalada and tokwa’t baboy. Looking at just the four of us girls, thea’s brother was surprised to see the food served in front of him. Oh yes, kuya, we have big appetites. We know how to appreciate good food. bwarharhar!

Talk was equally good. Was kept abreast of what’s been happening so far in each other’s lives. Am so happy to hear of news about old friends again. This is one of my life’s little joys.

We said our goodbyes after watching the replay of American Idol. Well, we’re all still cinderella’s in our own little world, so before the clock struck twelve, we bade farewell to each other and promised to keep in touch.

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