March 06, 2012

Walking with the Lord

another re-post.....

"You may not know where life's road will lead you.
But keep moving.
God is walking along with you. "

it's one of life's mysteries- where the road will lead us to. but the challenge is the journey itself. the road can have its twists and turns, uneven pathways and perilous climbs as well as days of quiet meandering and level fields. but i aim to savor the journey. i want to...

stop to smell the flowers,
take a nap under the shade,
listen to the chirping birds and
the sound of running waters,
enjoy the local fare,
sway to my own dance rhythm,
share warm memories with the people sent my way,
look out for angels,
relish each second,
treasure breath-taking moments,
expect the unexpected,
fill my senses with proof of God's glory.

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