March 15, 2012

Life's Miracles

i am so blessed to have a lot of me-time these days. have been trying out recipes, downloading my fave songs, watching my fave dramas over and over again, reflecting on God's words regularly, and writing again.

i must admit that at the back of my mind i have that fear about my future nagging at me. but still, i am grateful for a lot of different reasons. and i have learned to appreciate so many facets of life this way.

just this evening, when i opened my facebook page, i read the sharing of a high school batchmate about her struggle to beat breast cancer. she learned about it last year when she was 34 weeks pregnant with her second child. and it has been such a struggle (emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually). it is such a blessing that she has a very supportive and loving husband and there was an outpouring of support from family and friends. she underwent mastectomy 2 days after her scheduled induced delivery. she cried a lot when she realized that she could only breastfeed her second daughter for 2 weeks from her right breast while she breastfed her first for about a year. given the fact that she was 38 years old (considered young), her doctors advised aggresive treatment against the big C.

when her hair started falling off 2 weeks after she started chemotherapy, that night her husband shaved her hair. she cried when she looked at herself in the mirror, thinking: "how can anybody say bald is beautiful?" asking her husband if she looked okay, her husband said she's beautiful and hugged her. she wore a wig since and a beanie which was perfect during the winter season. she joined a support group of cancer patients and survivors and that has been a big help.

after 8 rounds of chemotherapy she is now on remission. thanks be to God! it is truly amazing how miracles happen in our lives. i can just imagine how happy she and her family must be. to be able to stay with your family and loved ones longer is such a blessing. what's more important is that she became even closer to God during this journey. naoms, stay strong and firmly rooted in the Lord.

in this journey, "forward, always forward", we go! tomorrow will certainly bring more miracles.

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