March 19, 2012

March Update

Talked to daddy yesterday. He asked about langga’s graduation. Our little lady will be graduating from elementary this friday. Finally, she can really say, "Yey, i'm free from school." (well, grade school that is). Mom called this afternoon. Today is my lola susing’s birthday. They went to visit lola at the cemetery and afterwards shared a simple lunch at home. Lolo vino, lola susing’s remaining brother alive, led the prayers. They had just come from pagadian this weekend to attend the wake of a relative. Truly, mom continues to forge strong family ties within the sapong clan.

Have just finished watching (for the nth time) a fave knovela, the legend, starred by no other than love of my life bae yong joon. J

(* photos courtesy of Google search)

Sorry folks, please bear with my quirkiness. Just can’t resist watching that beautiful smile. I really am enjoying life’s simple pleasures these days.

And faithfully waiting for life’s little miracles.

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