May 18, 2007

HaloHalo Thoughts

I got to work yesterday just in time to see my colleagues going out for lunch. So I placed my things in the lab and headed towards the canteen, too.

We were having a relatively light moment when suddenly 5 orders of halohalo were set before us. Halohalo is a favorite of mine, a Filipino dessert made up of an interesting mix of sweetened ingredients like ube halaya, leche flan, sago, sweetened banana, kamote, monggo, kaong, nata de coco, milk and more. It is gastronomically tantalising during the hot months of summer. There were 5 who ordered beforehand. Seeing that I'd be left without one, I also signaled for an order of the same. That left Malou halohalo-less so she ordered one, too. Somebody exclaimed, "Yehey, Halohalo Festival ito." What's there for us to celebrate? That got each one of us into wondering what could it be. There must be a reason. Then suddenly I remembered something. I softly whispered to my seatmate, "I know. I remember today is someone's birthday."

"Huh? Who?", asked my sis Meanne. To which I answered, "Si XXXX."

"Aaah! Sigh. okay, I'll celebrate with you."

Donna, who was seated beside Meanne asked "Who?" Then everyone wanted to be in on it. We got into one of those charades type of guessing game. Boy, it was fun! Finally, everyone got it. His name starts with the letter of my favorite number. Hehe...

They say time heals all wounds. I say, love and acceptance healed mine. With the passage of time, yes, but most especially due to God's all-loving grace.