May 16, 2007

Pinay Traveller

I have just been browsing through the web, searching for places to visit when suddenly i chanced upon an ad warning on malaria hotspots. gosh! i just found it cool.

there was this mosquito gobbling up red (blood, perhaps) and as the red background drops down, appears this line: is travelling in your blood? cool... of course, that drew my attention!! (it was an ad by a pharma company or something, i think).

the thing is... yes, travelling's in my blood. as i may have mentioned in my posts here somewhere, i have been travelling ever since i can remember. and that's all thanks to my lola susing and my mom and dad for allowing me to trudge around with lola back then.

and i am still travelling.

and perhaps forever will be, in this lifetime and the next.

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