November 15, 2008

Life Here in Dubai

Angela is moving to a new flat, there in al Baraha... cheaper, fewer people in a room and perhaps more peaceful than what we have here.

Chatted with marie... re: office life. Seems I have to push mohamed for my papers para lumalarga na ang pagkuha ng visa ko. Tatagal pa kaya ako sa ganito?

On my third day at the Jebel Ali office, when going home, I saw the heavy traffic on the way back to Deira. Since the van I rode on was going to the Burj Dubai terminal, I attempted the fastest way back to Deira- riding the abra. Gosh!

My cousin was telling me last night that I should ride the little boats ferrying people across the creek to the Naif market areas. And so I asked the terminal guard where the Abra was and I just followed the throng leaving the terminal. I was already halfway across the walk when I realized I was walking parallel to the bridge crossing the creek, the Al Maktoum Bridge. And I thought, “Hey, this is a long walk! I must be going the wrong way. I seem to be crossing the creek already. I asked one of the people walking along and got pointed to the right direction.
I enjoyed being on my own, though. I started taking pictures of the little wooden boats there, and went to sit on one. I enjoyed the ride so much. I took a video of it and I’m posting it here. Though I know you won’t be seeing anything but random lights out of the dark background.

The ride cost me only one dirham. And suddenly I found myself on the other side of the creek, to the busy side of Naif. From there, I rode a taxi cab shared with a fellow Pinay who also avoided the traffic via the Abra. Anyway, I just thought of sharing with you guys about my life here.

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