November 23, 2008

Staying Connected

Whoever said “Long distance relationships don’t work” is oh so wrong. Well, I mean this for the ‘friends and family keep in touch’ kind. coz that’s mostly the relationships I actually have right now. As for the other kind… well, let’s talk about that another time.

Our world has been practically divided into longitudinal zones of time. Thus standard time differences are observed per zone and this varies by geographical location. Space ..they’re only dimensional boundaries to be traversed between two person-points. Such barriers are getting quite infinitesimally smaller what with the advent of technology. As participant Benjie Garcia of Wanbol Web Media mentioned in a seminar I once attended on Making Money on ebay, “Internet has made the world smaller.” It’s so easy to keep in touch.. if you have the time, and the heart, and the inclination. But really, space and time can’t separate kindred souls. Not when they’ve shared so many memorable moments together: funny ones, tearful ones, wrathful ones, peaceful ones – oh so many colorful pictures in my memory book. Yesterday a good friend of mine,J, and I relived them again. Manila’s getting to be a drop-off point for friends going on out-of-country trips. It was a long good talk over hot hazelnut-flavored coffee served with my favorite carrot cake. A talk that continued ‘til dinner at Red Crab Seafood Resto on the upper floor. The food was excellent, the music sublime and the talk equally heartwarming.

Warm, multi-colored memories... there’s plenty more hidden intact in the crevices of my mind. Ready to be served hot over a pleasant talk and a tugging walk down memory lane. I’ll play host next time. I think perhaps some cinnamony treats or butterscotch or plain pound cake…and hot chocolate.. wow! Coffee, anyone?

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