November 17, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

I called early today. But it seems that early for me is not early for them back home... coz I'm like 4 hours late.. hehehe

I woke up early so I can greet Mommy on her special day. She said she’s in Cebu with Daddy and Aunty Gingging. It’s Aunty’s first session for her therapy. Aunty was all giggly when I talked to her, I guess just trying to keep light of the situation.

Daddy left Dumaguete early in the morning and met up with Mommy and Aunty in Cebu so they can celebrate Mommy’s birthday together.

I wish my Mom a peaceful year, a grace-filled year, a blessed year. I thank the Lord for the gift of my Mom. God has given us countless blessings all these years. Nothing tops the gift of my loving family.

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