November 07, 2008

Work in Transition

During the first weeks here, I was still waiting for the red ribbon of my transcript which had to be authenticated also by the UAE embassy in the Philippines so that it can be stamped at the Consular office here in Dubai. See, I was told employment papers here in Dubai cannot be processed if I do not have my own educational certificates attested by the proper authorities so I really waited for these documents to be duly authenticated.

I had interviews and decided to accept the job as a receptionist in the sales office of a publication firm here in Dubai. Pay is okay considering that the work does not entail too much brain use… ha-ha. It’s really more of coordinating skills and patience on the phone. “,)

And so, I had so much time on my hands. Enough to pen in most of my thoughts, as my head is already brimming full of things to post on my blog. Hence, these most of my blogposts now.

First day I reported to work here, I was culture-shocked. People at the office seem to be shouting at one another even though they say that it’s the normal way they talk. It’s not a shout to them, but their voices are so loud. And they’re all just facing each other at that.

Then the phones started ringing. And I didn’t know how to handle the multiple ringing around the office. Then I was asked to fax some paper, and I was doing it all wrong. I was used to our fax machine in the laboratory where the document is placed facing downward whereas here it has to be placed facing up.

Then I was called in and told to report to the Jebel Ali office for at least a week seeing that I needed to be trained first on the basics of the job. And I thought I was office literate. Hah!

So off I went to Jebel Ali- at the Dubai Industrial Park where the printing press and main office is located. There, I met all the writers and staff of the publications firm except the Editor who was on leave at the time.

I had several more bloopers at work including transferring calls to Mohamed the Accountant from Mohammad the designer who actually wanted me to connect him to Mohamad of KSA. When I was told my mistake, I immediately looked at the numbers of the KSA staff, and guess how many Mohamad I saw on the list? Three!!! Three Mohamads to choose from. Grabe, di ba?

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