November 23, 2008

Realidad- Part 3

The good thing about taking a step forward is that you no longer get stuck with wondering about what could be. I realized now that there really is sense in seeking the unknown. The fears are countless but eventually you learn to face each fear as the days go by. And sometimes you find out that the answers to some of the questions that keep nagging at the back of your mind have been there right before you all along. You just needed the push or change or shall we say ‘paradigm shift’.

I realized…
- that you cannot just give and give without taking for eventually you will run out of what you are giving away
- that you can grow strong from each moment of weakness, it’s up to you to overcome that weakness and turn it into strength
- that you cannot change paradigm unless you are willing to open up to the fact that there could be other possibilities
- that sometimes you need to bend yourself a little, so you can look at another point of view
- that the best way to see your worth is through other people’s eyes

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