October 04, 2012

A Taste of Home

am back in manila. and enjoying my lechon paksiw, katas ng piyesta sa amin.

the return trip was quite uneventful. my niece, nicole, and i got the same seat numbers as what we got coming home. oh yeah, i just remembered, on our inbound trip to Cagayan de Oro, we reserved seats online (paid extra charge for that) but we learned that these were given to someone else when we arrived for check-in. my sis-in-law asked for a complaint form (but she never filled it in.. thought she'd rather avoid the hassle). hah, if that was me, i'd be all clackety-clack at the customer counter in a huff. i'm really disappointed with Cebupacific's service these days. it has lost its customer focus. in its bid to be number one, it is looking at the volume and number served and not the quality and delivery of service anymore.

well, as we were waiting to board at the airport lounge, my niece asked me, "aunty, do you think we'll be seeing that black dog again?" To which i replied, "Nah, fat chance of that happening again."

we got home slightly before nine in the evening because of the traffic. having foreseen we'd be stuck in traffic along makati/guadalupe route as it was still around 6:30pm when we got our luggages, we decided to eat at the airport before hailing a cab. we settled at the tables of Chubby China and what can i say, i felt replete with my dinner of Breaded Fish and Chopsuey. but their serving of chopsuey was rather small for me. would appreciate if they can add to the serving size.

we've lots of pasalubong. of course, mommy did not forget to pack us around three kilos of lechon and the food for the gods she hurriedly baked early that morning. we had cheding's, vjandep pastel, maestrado coffee and cocoa chips. ahhh, sarap! comfort food... tastes that bring us closer to home.


Pearl said...

AB nung nagpunta kami ni MIkel sa Iligan (to attend his ninong's wedding), nagpunta kami sa cheding's. sarap talaga ng peanuts nila! pengeng lechon! may recipe ka ng food for the gods?

A. B. said...

oo, masarap talaga. at nagkita kami ni jayne sen and anna teta nung sat. binigyan ko sila chedings for pasalubong. then when we transferred to starbicks anna noticed that she lost her peanuts na. (hehe.. pun not intended...) so she went back to green tomato where we had our lunch. buti itinago naisip daw nila baka balikan. really miss having get-togetehrs with CS gals. sna pag umuwi ka sound off ka naman baka andito ako sa maynila nun. pia always gives a holler pag umuwi kaya nakakatiming din ako ng pasyal. miss ya!

A. B. said...

oo nga pala my recipe for food for the gods:

1 1/4 c sifted AP flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 c coarsely chopped pitted dates (you may substitute depending on your desired glazed fruits)
1 c butter
1 c granulated/refined sugar
1 c brown sugar
3 pcs eggs
1 c chopped peanuts (your choice of nuts: i use Chedings)

Preheat oven to 350deg.
Mix together all dry ingredients.
Add chopped dates dredged in flour. Then add melted butter and eggs.
Transfer to greased rectangular baking pan lined with baking sheet.
Top with the chopped nuts.
Bake at 350 deg for 30 mins or until done (toothpick pierced into center of cake comes out clean)
Take out from oven. Cool.
Cut into squares or bars. Serve.

I usually wrap mine (pangpasalubong and take home kadalasan ng mga guests)

Pearl said...

wow, thank you sa recipe abby! pwede to sa mga bake sales sa school nila mikel. yay! para maiba naman sa brownies na palagi kong dinadala.
uy mabuti nagkita kita kayo. Akala ko nasa tx si teta? umuwi na sya?
oo pag umuwi ako, titimbrehan ko kayo.
xoxo, pearl