October 18, 2012

Feast of St. Luke

today is the Feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist. Luke was a companion to Paul and Barnabas, as we can gather from the Acts of the Apostles during their years of spreading the Good News. he was a doctor in Syria (in ancient Antioch) who became a disciple of Paul. he was not present during Jesus's ministry.

Luke was a writer as well (imbibing a clearer grasp of the Gospel during their missionary evangelization). being an educated person, his accounts were very accurate and well-put. some would even say he is a good historian because of the details that can be gleaned from his writings. but still, they were just narrative, a historical account. the Gospel as told by Luke has unique accounts of miracles and parables not in the other books. he depicts Jesus as pro-poor and pro-social justice, who is forgiving and merciful to sinners and who has a special connection and reverence to women (esp. Mary's Magnificat and salutation in Hail Mary).

St. Luke's symbol is an ox, as a symbol of sacrifice. he is the patron saint of physicians and surgeons.


Pearl said...

I like the gospel of Luke:-) Sis, attend ka ng alumni homecoming?

A. B. said...

not sure pa. kung may makasama akong ka-contemporary, siguro oo. nahihiya akong mag-appear na lang bigla dun e. u know, shy ako talaga. :-) ikaw ba, punta? punta ako kung punta ka. hehe...