October 24, 2012

Wear that Pink Ribbon Proud

october is breast cancer awareness month. so while already onto the third week, hope this blog is not late on the scene.

just wanna express my solidarity with the aim of raising awareness about breast cancer. this disease afflicts not only women but also men. let us all be mindful of the risk to this disease. i'm even worried 'coz i have all the risks to such high predisposition to cancer, u know: old age, cancer genes from both sides of the family, old age, not married / have not given birth, old age, uncontrolled weight, old age... get the picture?  ;-(

i participated in a pink ribbon walk in dubai four years back when i just arrived there. it was such an eye-opener for me. i only learned just then of this campaign. and i bear witness to the human struggle against cancer since then. see related posts: Pink Ribbon Walk , Aunty Gingging and Life's Miracles.

i pray that the number of people with breast cancer will be reduced. i pray that those afflicted will have strength of mind and body and emotions to fight this disease in their life right now. i pray that they will have family, friends and loved ones holding their hands right now and supporting them through this ordeal.

let us continue to pray for one another, to bring hope to people who are emotionally, physically and spiritually in need of healing. be a prayer warrior. keep the hope alive.

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Pearl said...

Amen! I pray too that the researches on the cure would speed up a bit more.
Sis, kumusta ang baking karir mo?:-)