October 18, 2012

Spook's in the House

with Halloween just around the corner, i'm going through a list of movies that would be worth movie-marathoning over the holidays. and one such movie on my list is Casper. migosh, how i love this movie which was shown back in the 90's when i was still in university. made me cry. i vaguely remember watching it over again with good friends and cs sisses, tearjerker that it was to us then.

and i love one song on its soundtrack, Jordan Hill's 'Remember Me This Way'. though it's kind of a sad song. but a good song for friends soon to part ways after college. whatever path we chose to follow, wherever life has taken us, i always believe in my heart that my friends would remember me just as i was and always have been.

on another note, the song really seems to be by a ghost, or a spirit rather. we have loved ones who are already gone and i think they would want to say that they want to be remembered as well; that they are always by our side, watching over us and cheering us on in every adventure that we take. and that they will never leave.. as long as we believe.

huwattt? never leave?!! ... spooky!!!....   (hehe... happy halloween!)

posting here the song:

by the way, my kuya has become obsessed with fishes these days. haha.. we now have an aquarium in the house. there were only three kinds of fishes at first. the aquarium looked really sparse with nothing else swimming there. but the loaches needed something in which to burrow into or hide in. we couldn't find any old toy of my niece that could get wet and fit right there. so i offered my ghoulish candle holder that i would usually take out for decoration during halloween.

here he is at first on the sparsely populated tank:

now here he is after plants, sand and more fishes have been added to the aquarium:

still he smiles. Casper really is a friendly ghost!


Pearl said...

I liked Casper too...I thought the kid casper was very cute! hehe
That was a neat aquarium, AB! wow!

A. B. said...

:) thanks pearl.