October 13, 2012

Something for my Sweet Tooth

when i was out for a meet-up with CS friends Anna and Jayne last saturday, i chanced upon the Oct 2012 issue of Yummy and grabbed a copy of it. while Anna was flipping through the pages, i suddenly discovered a new to-go store for my baking needs. and what's more, it's just along Boni Ave which is so near where i live. i don't have to go to Quiapo or Chocolate Lovers in P. Tuazon  anymore.

i decided to go there today. i just rested a bit after having lunch and off i  went to SweetCrafts. it is just across Rizal Technological University. i have been running out on some ingredients and was glad to find them all there at the store. and the staff are nice and accomodating. also learned that some new items have arrived, especially those for halloween and christmas treats.

thankfully i got home early and went ahead to bake some. my niece arrived home from school and immediately asked what i was baking. here's what she was enjoying soon after:


Pearl said...

Yummy! Is that chocolate chip cookies and what are those delicious looking bars, sis?

A. B. said...

yeah, choco chip cookies.