February 22, 2009


woke up lighthearted; was aiming to atttend the early morning mass with my cousin and aunt but decided instead on the 9am one which actually gave us ample time to relax a bit as we ate our breakfast. we were early in church and able to pick a good seat.

the Gospel was about the healing of the paralytic who was lowered down from the roof by his friends. faith played a big role in this story. it is the faith of his friends that moved Jesus to heal him. when Jesus saw the determination of the friends to get the sick man to Him, overcoming obstacles of the big crowd and making a hole on the roof of the house, He saw that they were clinging to their faith.

i realized that my worries are really trivial compared to the lot of so many people around the world. and to think that these last few days, i've been really feeling down in the dumps. and already, i've lost hope. so much for my faith, huh, or the lack of it is more like it. seems that my niece has more faith in me than i have in myself.

the priest also mentioned that praying for others is one way of moving the Lord because He is easily moved by prayers that are not self-directed but are intended for other people. i now appreciate more fully the Prayers for the Faithful that we pray during mass and to really mean it when we recite the Apotle's Creed (I believe in God....)- truly mean it, believe it and have faith.

as they say, faith can move mountains. and my sis-in-law reminded me that i should continue to dream, hope and have faith. after all, these are free.

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