February 01, 2009

A Blessed Day

i felt so blessed yesterday. went to mass in the morning with my aunty brenda. the mass was officiated by the bishop who is celebrating his fifth year serving in the vicariate. and there was a congress of the sisters in the UAE and third, a renewing of vows of sister anne murray, headmistress of st mary's. her renewal vow was so wonderful. i felt so blessed being there witnessing her say her vows. and i felt humbled and blessed.

the mass was so nice, the songs so close to my heart, and the girls dancing during the mass were a delight to watch.

an emptying of my cup, a celebration of faithfulness, a desire to serve the Lord at the presentation feast. truly, the Lord picks the most unexpected day or place to bless us. He continues to fill me with His love and mercy, even though i feel i am not worthy. but still, i couldn't bring myself to empty myself upon Him after all this time. my self will is still pushing against His will, even though i know i am powerless. how then can He fill my life? i'm beginning to feel i'm wandering in this journey.

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