February 09, 2009

Valentine's Day is Near

malamig na naman ang valentine's ko. heto, wala pa ring katuwang sa buhay. =)

i miss all my friends so much. yes, of course, i have my relatives here. but it's different if you are talking to people who share your views and who understand your feelings. people who know exactly where you're coming from; who, borne out of years of being close together and living under the same roof, will automatically say, " I get you. I understand what you're trying to say."

yesterday, i saw new upcoming movies being featured on tv. then i saw a familiar title that was on the bestseller's list some years back. now, i'm feeling all so lonely all of a sudden because i realize i no longer have my friends to watch the movie with. i'm so sure that like in old times, we'd all be laughing so hard and be so noisy inside the movie theater just like when we watched P.S. I Love You last summer.

i'm thinking there's no one that i can invite to watch the movie with since most of the ladies at home are married. i seem to be the only one who's interested enough to watch He's Just Not That Into You. yeah, i know, another chick flick you might say. but what choice do i have here as entertainment? ito lang makakatugon sa kakikayan ko sa ngayon. Haaay....

but anyway, was at last able to go to Global Village. my cousins and i went around looking at what-nots and taking photos of the 'booths' (if you can call them that) of participant countries. the phils has a very big parol so it's quite easy to spot. wish, esmuky was there with us. sadly, he's in Kish, Iran at the moment waiting out the required number of days out of this country before he can re-enter by visit visa again.

posting here some pics...

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