February 13, 2009

Inspiring Talk

had a very interesting and inspiring talk with flatmates pia and odess.

i received another call a couple of days ago saying that i should go for 2nd round of interview at the company that i have been appying a job for. i was so glad i got shortlisted. have been praying for such a blessing and has been asking everyone close to me to also pray for me that i'd get the job.

after dinner, spent a few minutes with flatmates pia and her sister odess who gave me beautiful words to ponder on that night.

we were exchanging stories of the setbacks we've been through in life- from our previous work, deciding to go abroad, and experiences upon arriving in dubai. and they shared a few insights into their life and shared with me some words of wisdom especially on receiving graces and the acceptance of God's will.

the interview turned out okay. the quality manager is a very kind lady who is softspoken and very smart. she is also a nutritionist like me. now it's down to just two. i do so hope that i will be chosen.

as i was lying on my bed, i remembered the words of encouragement from my former boss when she emailed me: If it is also God's desire for you, He will make the way or He will send you the right people to help you find your goals.

how i want this to be so.

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