February 22, 2009

One More Week

i've one week more to go before i turn another year older. another year to write on my tabula rasa. another year to learn more and laugh more and face life's challenges. i do not understand why all these have to be. but still, i thank the Lord.

Thank You Lord
I thank You Lord, for the trials that come my way

In that way I can grow each day, As I let You lead
And I thank You Lord for the patience those trials bring
In that process of growing, I can learn to care

Chorus:But it goes against the way I am
To put my human nature down
And let the Spirit take control of all I do
For when those trials come
My human nature shouts the thing to do
And God's soft prompting can be easily ignored.

But I thank You Lord, with each trial I feel inside
That You're there to help lead and guide me away from wrong
For You promised, Lord, that with every testing
That Your way of escaping's easier to bear


Yes, I thank You Lord, for the victory that growing brings
In surrender of everything, life is so worthwhile
And I thank You Lord, that when everything's put in place
Out in front I can see Your face
And it's there You belong

yes, i'm thankful. i'm thankful as well that my bro is back here in dubai now.

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