February 14, 2009

Hearts Day

It's heart's day and no one will be left at home tonight but me and Ate Mercy. So off we went also to Al Ghurair just to look at what else is there to see. We stopped along Pic n Save route to buy us some shawarma and Pepsi and walked on towards the mall.

There were so many shops on sale as DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) is due to end tomorrow. Sadly however we both have no money to splurge so we just spent the next hour and a half going inside the shops and ogling the items on sale.

I was also able to talk to Gina, one former flatmate who has now moved to Sharjah because her work is there. Also texted friends and family to greet them happy heart's day.

And so, before the clock strikes this midnight, here's wishing all my readers a Happy Valentine's Day. May your hearts be full of love.

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