February 26, 2009

Renewal or Catastrophe?

yesterday was ash wednesday. managed to get myself to church right after work for mass at st. mary's. thanks to a kind soul, kabayan dennis, who let me ride with him in the taxi. ang hirap pa naman makakuha ng taxi in our part of deira.

crisis, the father said, can either bring about renewal or catastrophe. it depends on how you react towards the crisis. whether it's a personal crisis, spiritual crisis or economic crisis, its ultimate outcome in your life would be considerably affected by how you handle matters as they come. any kind of crisis is an alarm- an alarm for us to do something with our life or with our outlook on life. sometimes the Lord brings us to a crisis in our life because He wants to bring us closer to Him. else, if we do not change and continue with our old ways, this will lead to a catastrophe because there is no renewal.

during these difficult times, it is always a good thing to hear counsel from the Lord. it may be through dear friends or family or leaders in church or in school. even tiny wisps of wisdom that come to you in unexpected moments.

"create in me a clean heart...."


kauban said...

abby, nasan ka na? nakita ko na utol mo, este, nakasama na pala ng utol ko ang utol mo, pero di kita nakita. hehe. musta na. kelan ka ulit uwi?

A. B. said...

hi kauban!

wow, kainggit naman. nagkakareunion na kayo diyan. tingnan ko muna hanggang kelan ko matitiis dito. hehehe. at uuwi ako.